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We're Optimizing Photosynthesis

Cstainable Inc. is a Canadian precision

ag-tech & AI company dedicated to optimizing the photosynthetic capacity of protected ag crops with our Cstainable™ Crop Enhancement service.

We enable growers to increase yields, reduce emissions, and make more money!

30% more yields

2x more profits

Increase produce quality

Aqueous CO₂ Enrichment

For all low-tech to high-tech facilities

95% less CO₂ emissions

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  • AI Based Precision Agriculture
  • Sophisticated Environmental & Plant Condition Sensors
  • Data Analytics & Continual Learning
  • Real-Time Aqueous CO₂ Enrichment Adjustments
  • Lighting and Irrigation Control Integration
  • Safe and Secure Data Management
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Dynamic Monitoring & Control System

Customer Success Snapshots

Cstainable Inc. has been working with a number of customers around the world to establish trials, collect data, and deliver on promised benefits.

cucumbers (1).png


37% more cucumber fruit

tomatoes (1).png


11% more cherry tomato fruit

tomatoes (2).png

Bell Peppers

36% more pepper fruit 

lettuce (1).png


28% more lettuce leaf biomass

lettuce (2).png


35% more rose stems

lettuce (3).png


30% faster flowering

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CO₂ source


  • 95% less CO₂ v. atmospheric gassing

  • Save CO₂ costs

  • Reduce CO₂ supply chain risks

  • Smaller CO₂ tanks, boiler/CHP off-gas, direct-air-capture (DAC) sources



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